J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) spoke throughout his life in many parts of the world to large audiences as well as with numerous individuals, including writers, scientists, philosophers and educators. His talks and works are preserved in more than seventy books.

He inspired millions throughout the twentieth century, and his thoughts continue to resonate today. Practical, profound, and timeless, Krishnamurti’s ideas—rejecting the prejudices of traditional learning, celebrating personal, spiritual freedom and the individual’s search for truth—are relevant now more than ever. As the Observer newspaper said of one of his books, “For those who wish to listen, it will have value beyond words.”

During the latter part of his life, while in Europe, Krishnamurti made his home at Brockwood Park in Hampshire, England. Brockwood Park is home to the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Ltd. (KFT) which was founded to preserve and disseminate his work. The KFT is a registered charity and also oversees the operation of the Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park School, and Inwoods Small School, all situated at Brockwood Park.


"Krishnamurti is one of the greatest philosophers of the age."
—the Dalai Lama 



Truth is a pathless land

I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others.

Click for full text: From J. Krishnamurti, Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1996)


We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something we are no longer free

We all want to be famous people - and the moment we want to be something, we are no longer free. Please see this, for it is the real clue to the understanding of the problem of freedom. Whether in this world of politicians, power, position and authority, or in the so-called spiritual world where you aspire to be virtuous, noble, saintly, the moment you want to be somebody you are no longer free. But the man or the woman who sees the absurdity of all these things and whose heart is therefore innocent, and therefore not moved by the desire to be somebody - such a person is free.

Click for full text: From J. Krishnamurti, This Matter of Culture (London: Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1978)

Have a complete break with the past and see what happens

Stop being a Brahmin, a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim. Stop your worship, rituals, take a complete retreat from all those and see what happens. In a retreat, do not plunge into something else, do not take some book and be absorbed in new knowledge and new acquisitions. Have a complete break with the past and see what happens. Do it, and you will see delight. You will see vast expanses. When your heart is open, then reality can come. Then the whisperings of your own prejudices, your own noises are not heard. That is why it is good to take a retreat, to go away and to stop the routine, not only the routine of outward existence but the routine which the mind establishes for its own safety and convenience.

Click for full text: From J. Krishnamurti, The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti, Vol. VI 1949-1952: The Origin of Conflict (Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1991)

Education, in the true sense, is the understanding of oneself, for it is within each one of us that the whole of existence is gathered

The ignorant man is not the unlearned, but he who does not know himself, and the learned man is stupid when he relies on books, on knowledge and on authority to give him understanding. Understanding comes only through self- knowledge, which is awareness of one's total psychological process. Thus education, in the true sense, is the understanding of oneself, for it is within each one of us that the whole of existence is gathered.

What we now call education is a matter of accumulating information and knowledge from books, which anyone can do who can read. Such education offers a subtle form of escape from ourselves and, like all escapes, it inevitably creates increasing misery. Conflict and confusion result from our own wrong relationship with people, things and ideas, and until we understand that relationship and alter it, mere learning, the gathering of facts and the acquiring of various skills, can only lead us to engulfing chaos and destruction.

Click for full text: From J. Krishnamurti, Education and the Significance of Life (New York: Harper Collins, 1953)

War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday living

Surely, to discover truth, there must be freedom from strife, both within ourselves and with our neighbours. When we are not in conflict within ourselves, we are not in conflict outwardly. It is the inward strife which, projected outwardly, becomes the world conflict. War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday living. We precipitate war out of our daily lives; and without a transformation in ourselves, there are bound to be national and racial antagonisms, the childish quarrelling over ideologies, the multiplication of soldiers, the saluting of flags, and all the many brutalities that go to create organized murder. Education throughout the world has failed, it has produced mounting destruction and misery. Governments are training the young to be the efficient soldiers and technicians they need; regimentation and prejudice are being cultivated and enforced. Taking these facts into consideration, we have to inquire into the meaning of existence and the significance and purpose of our lives. We have to discover the beneficent ways of creating a new environment; for environment can make the child a brute, an unfeeling specialist, or help him to become a sensitive, intelligent human being. We have to create a world government which is radically different, which is not based on nationalism, on ideologies, on force. All this implies the understanding of our responsibility to one another in relationship; but to understand our responsibility, there must be love in our hearts, not mere learning or knowledge. The greater our love, the deeper will be its influence on society.

Click for full text: From J. Krishnamurti, Education and the Significance of Life (New York: Harper Collins, 1953)



Established in 1969, Brockwood Park School is an international co-educational boarding school offering a personalised, holistic education with exam and non-exam options for around 75 students aged 14 to 19. The School is deeply inspired by Krishnamurti's teachings, which encourage academic excellence, self-understanding, creativity and integrity in a safe, non-competitive environment. Click here to go to Brockwood Park School

Inwoods Small School is a local day school established in 1998; also inspired by Krishnamurti's teachings it offers an alternative education for children aged 5 to 11 years. With a maximum of only 30 pupils, the intention of the school is to create an environment for learning to happen free from competition or pressure. Click here to go to Inwoods Small School


“I feel the meaning of Krishnamurti for our time is that one has to think for oneself and not be swayed by any outside religions or spiritual authorities.”
—Van Morrison

Retreat Centre


The Krishnamurti Centre offers a quiet retreat for those wishing to explore the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. It is housed in a striking building and set in 40 acres of grounds at Brockwood Park, situated in the South Downs National Park.

Guests stay in single en-suite rooms, simply but comfortably furnished with views onto the beautiful grounds. The delicious meals are all vegetarian and are prepared with fresh and mostly organic ingredients. There is an extensive library, a video viewing room and quiet room.  

Generally, there is no guidance or structured activity and guests are free to use the library, walk in the beautiful grounds or share questions and inquiry with others. However, a number of times a year there are Theme Weekends or Study Retreats. Click here to go to the Krishnamurti Centre.


“ Krishnamurti is one man of our time who may be said to be a master of reality! ”

—Henry Miller

The Foundation


The Foundation maintains an extensive archive of Krishnamurti's original works in the form of hand-written material, books, transcripts and audio and video tapes of hundreds of talks and discussions, meetings and conversations.

The Foundation is also actively engaged in the translation and publication of this material in various forms. Over 60 books are in print in over 30 languages and more are in preparation. Click here to go to the Foundation.


“Hearing Krishnamurti speak was like listening to a discourse of the Buddha—such power, such intrinsic authority.”
— Aldous Huxley





There are Krishnamurti Foundations in Europe, the US, India, and Latin America, which all work together. There are currently schools inspired by Krishnamurti’s educational vision in England, California, and India. There are also a number of retreat centres in England, California, and India.

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust
Brockwood Park, Bramdean, Hampshire
SO24 0LQ, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1962 771525
Email: info@kfoundation.org

Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Ojai, California, USA
P.O.Box 1560, Ojai, CA 93024, USA
Tel: 805-646-2726
Email: kfa@kfa.org

Krishnamurti Foundation of India
Chennai, India
Vasanta Vihar, 124 Greenways Road, Madras 600 028
Tel: (91)(44) 24937803/24937596
Email: kfihq@kfionline.org

Fundación Krishnamurti Latinoamericana
Barcelona, Spain
Tel: (34) 938 695 042
E-mail: fkl@fkla.org

J. Krishnamurti Online is a website maintained by the foundations, where most of Krishnamurti’s work is made available at no charge.


“A profound and fresh approach to self-understanding and deeper insights into the meaning of personal freedom and mature love.”
—Rollo May



The Krishnamurti quotes featured on this website were displayed on 27 posters on the London Underground in the latter part of October 2013. The following photos show the posters as they appeared in the Underground.




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